The view you deserve

Soazic Guezennec designs architectural projects which give Nature the city it deserves. This series of projects “buildings with a view” will let Nature envelops you in all her glory!

Begin each day with a view which is a splendid as you!

Count the stars from your living room 


Let Nature envelop you in all her glory

And hapiness be part of your everyday life

soazic guezennec

Banyan City

 Designed by Soazic Guezennec

Completion date : the near future

Location : Mumbai , Lower Parell

Approved by all leading financial institutions

 A world jealously guarded by trees

Landscaping at Banyan city is considered an extremely important component of the entire living experience, and has been designed by an international team of experts in harmonizing nature. Indegenous plants and trees bloom in all directions in interesting, distinct coloured tiers- emerald, olive and lime.

Banyan City Soazic GUezennec

Why look to the sky when heaven is a place on earth?

Soazic Guezennec Subjective Architecture
Construction Site
Soazic Guezennec Subjective architecture
Model of Banyan City

We invite you to sample a bit of paradise for yourself and to become….

Soazic Guezennec Subjective architecture
Happy Owners


Cathedral Colony

Designed by Soazic Guezennec

Due date: 2013

Location: Lower Parel, Mumbai

Cathedral Colony Soazic Guezennec

  • Cathedral Colony guarantees a perfect microclimate all year, thanks to its shape which exposes the least possible surface area to the blistering sun at any one time.
  • The highly complex structures  ensure a constant internal environment (homeostasis) in which you’ll be able to thrive, regardless of the fluctuating external conditions.

  • The colony can host   from several hundred to several million individuals. It uses decentralized,  self-organized systems of activity guided by swarm intelligence which exploits food sources and environments unavailable to any single individual acting alone.
  • The inhabitants of a same colony never fight.

Live a cheerful life in the lap of Mother Nature and become….

Soazic Guezennec Subjective architecture
Happy Owner


soazic guezennec


Visit our experiment center

Our residences are an oasis of calm and serenity.

The ultimate level of luxury

Experiment center Soazic Guezennec

Lose yourself amidst the greenery and serenity of the podium gardens

Soazic Guezennec 

Begin each day with a view that is as unique as you

Experiment center Soazic Guezennec

As an inhabitant of this wonderful place, you will find yourself at the centre of a wonderful world of its own.

Stay fresh as the morning dew in the amenity-rich paradise

Experiment center Soazic Guezennec
Installation – Tin boxes- Plants – Thermacol – Acrylic painting- Leds – Variable size