Celestial Mountains

Designed by Soazic Guezennec

Location : Gibert Hill National Park

Andheri west, Mumbai, India

Add a touch of land to your portfolio of secure returns. Heed the ancient wisdom which encouraged investments in land. Share precious moments with your loved ones, feel the cool, fresh breeze on your face, gaze at the lush green valleys and undulating hills, watch the sun rise and set, discover paradise around you and re-discover yourself in the bargain!

Featured items

Celestial mountains- Featured items- Subjective architecture
Customized green patches


Celestial Mountains- Featured items - Subjective architecture
Exist in a different models: Snow Peak, Rocky mountain, Green hills

Gaze at the lush green valleys and undulating hills and become…

Celestial mountains - Happy owners  - subjective architecture
Happy Owners!

soazic guezennec


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