Soazic Guezennec

Soazic Guezennec is a French artist living in Mumbai.

Acting like a romantic artist, she is exploring the planet in order to experiment the tension between nature and urbanization. Her work, focussing on the environment ,  immerges the public into poetic and political situations which create mixed feelings of fear and attraction.She studied in Paris and has since exhibited in many European countries, as well as in the United States, Japan, Korea, India, Mexico,  Nepal, and Cameroun.

Soazic Guezennec’s œuvre is realised in a diverse range of media, including painting, video, installations, sculpture, photography and works on paper. She is getting her inspiration from her environment, which she likes extreme. In 2002, she traveled across Africa for one year, as part of a search for modern nomadism. A trek in Himalaya inspired a  video of a melting mountain. An expedition in Amazonia resulted in a serie of paintings of red forest.  A mermaid falling into the twilight zone tells her experience of deep dives in the ocean. Since her move to Mumbai, she explores the frontline between urbanization and Nature, and creates sculptures and installations which are focussing both on the fragility and resilience of nature in an urban environment.

Her work always combines a poetic vision with a sense of threat that draws the viewer in on both an emotive and intellectual level. Although beautiful, her pieces are nonetheless full of political meaning and aim at arising the ecological awareness of the viewer.

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