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Our residences are an oasis of calm and serenity.

The ultimate level of luxury

Experiment center Soazic Guezennec

Lose yourself amidst the greenery and serenity of the podium gardens

Soazic Guezennec 

Begin each day with a view that is as unique as you

Experiment center Soazic Guezennec

As an inhabitant of this wonderful place, you will find yourself at the centre of a wonderful world of its own.

Stay fresh as the morning dew in the amenity-rich paradise

Experiment center Soazic Guezennec
Installation – Tin boxes- Plants – Thermacol – Acrylic painting- Leds – Variable size



Designed by Soazic Guezennec

Location: Bandra Kurla Complex – Mumbai

Due date: The near future

The address which talks business!

 Rule your empire without having to step out your comfort zone! Set the ball rolling and provide your employees an environment conducive to high productivity.Enjoy an Ocean of space in a city that’s packed to the brim. A unique ambience that makes perfect business sense.

Aquarium Oceanopolis Subjective architecture
Exists in a wide range of designs


Find a new today, a new tomorrow and become ….

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Happy Owner!